Selling A Business

Selling your company, regardless of the reason for the sale, can be one of the most important strategic decisions you will face. A qualified M&A advisory team will pay for itself several times over simply by unlocking the value they uncover during the sale process. In addition, they will help you navigate the often complex issues that are typical in a sale process. Let Succession Dynamics run the process by your side which will allow your team to do what they should be doing during this critical time: successfully running the business.

As part of the sell-side process we will:

  • work with you to identify and prioritize your objectives
  • develop a work plan that both Succession Dynamics and the client are accountable to
  • conduct a valuation where requested
  • prepare all marketing material such as the teaser and the pitch book
  • define a Go-To-Market strategy and identify and qualify buyers
  • perform all outreach to buyers on a "no-names" basis or with full disclosure depending on your particular situation
  • distribute process letters to optimize the terms & conditions of the indicative offers (i.e. LOIs)
  • review and analyze offers
  • develop a "buyer synergy analysis" that highlights and quantifies the synergies to be realized from a particular buyer
  • create, schedule and deliver management presentations
  • ensure that buyer due-diligence is conducted in a secure, confidential manner that minimizes the intrusion on the firm
  • negotiate all aspects of the transaction and manage the closing process, including coordinating efforts with the lawyers, tax advisors and accountants
  • negotiate and structure all transaction documents including the agreement of purchase and sale, employment/consulting agreements and any earn-out provisions

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